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Happet Clinic

?Why Happet

We exist to bring you happiness and fullfillment so that you can live more meaningful life with your pet.

It isn't a home visit, it is a follow up system

NO Overthinking

NO Anixity

NO Insecurity

Home Visits Plans

500 LE
3 months

  • 3 monthly visits
  • general examination
1250 LE
6 months

  • 6 monthly visits
  • general examination
  • 10% discount on vaccinations and bills
2500 LE
12 months

  • 12 monthly visits
  • general examination
  • 15% discount on Vaccinations and bills

You aren't familiar with those plans ?

A visit costs only 200 EGP

Save your pet life

By getting this plan we will schedule home visits to maintain your pet life with the essential vaccines annually.

Happet premium

Complete yearly premium health care for your pet

-Complete follow up system
-All vaccines

-All vet medications


-Blood analysis

-Nutritional guidance

"We think that you have made the right desicion by coming here,
If I were you, I'll order a home visit as quick as possible because we are really passionate about pets, and it is supposed that you love them as well, Right?!"

Dr. Marwa


Dr. Eman


Dr. Saif

Medical Supervisor

Dr. Ahmed Sanad