PREMIUM Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds in high stress.Energy-rich feed 30-20 HIGH ENERGY provides all the dogs in the high physical exertion very important structural protein recovery of blood and muscle protein for muscle growth. For working and sporting dogs in great physical exertion, as well as for pregnant and lactating bitches. High concentration of nutrients provides active dogs already small amount of food rich and rapidly supply a sufficient amount of protein and fat and thereby loads the digestive tract only a minimal extent.The recipe is prepared on the basis of a hearty “Red” beef muscle, which is the optimal source of protein for building all breeds of dogs. Hearty red meat is supplemented with easily digestible “white” meat, poultry and fish. Easily digestible poultry fat is in turn a source of compensation for energy consumed. Feed can be deployed for working and sporting dogs during the peak of physical activity, for example. Endurance mushing, caniscross, agilitty, pulling, etc. It is also suitable for feeding dogs with high mental stress, eg. Security, animal assisted therapy, olfactory work (track drugs , explosives, rescuers and avalanche dogs), etc. This recipe can also be deployed as an “anti-stress” dog food during long transports and transportation. It contains all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins in amounts and proportions optimized for highly loaded dogs.Composition:dried poultry protein, wheat flour, poultry fat, wheat, maize, beef meat meal, dried hemoglobin, fish meal, dried beet pulp (desugared), poultry liver hydrolyzate, apple marc dried sodium chloride.Digestible energy: 1790 kJ / 100 g; 4280 kcal / kg.

The energy- richHappy Dog-Profi Line 26-16 SPORTIVEfeed brings a greater proportion of structural proteins and more energy together to cater to the needs of working, sport or breeding dogs in a period of increased activity. The recipe is prepared on the basis of a hearty “red” beef muscle, which is the optimal source of protein for building all breeds of dogs. Hearty red meat and “white” meat (poultry and fish) are easily digestible for all dogs. This feed is also suitable for feeding pregnant and lactating bitches. It can alternatively be used in rearing active young dogs of medium and large breeds, who are already enrolled in active training and workout. The food containsall the essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins in proportions optimized for medium to large dogs. It is therefore economical version of dog nutrition wherever higher demands are placed on them that require a steady supply of all necessary nutrients.


Happy Dog Premium – NaturCroq PuppiesNaturCroq puppy food is the balanced and highly digestible dry food for puppies from 4 weeks to 6 months.High-quality proteins of animal origin, fully broken down indigenous grain, all necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements in this puppy food provide the best conditions for healthy growth.For medium and large breed puppies from 6 months we recommend Supreme Medium Junior or Supreme Maxi Junior with a lower protein content.