Premium Balance Croc NC 2409A Champ dogfood productChamp Balance Croc has a higher protein and fat content. Thanks to the careful selection of ingredients, these biscuits contain fats, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements in the right proportions. Lecithin is good for a better and faster fat digestion. This helps your dog’s coat shine. The biscuits have been extruded and are therefore easily digestible, making this a balanced, complete specialised food for active dogs of all breeds.Rough protein24%Phosphor1.2 mg/kg.Rough fat10%Sodium3 g/kg.Rough ash7.5%Lecithin5 gr/kg.Rough cellular3%Vitamine A12.000 IE/ kg.Moisture9,5%Vitamine D31.200 IE/kg.Calcium1.5 mg/kgVitamine E130 mg/kg.Copper14 mg/kgManganese35 mg/kgIron100 mg/kgSelenium0.2 mg/kgZinc135 mg/kgIodine1.6 mg/kgCarob2%Omega3 and 6 in the most optimal proportion (5:1)Quantity Pro Day

A Champ dogfood productCHAMP PREMIUM BREED PUP Complete food for puppies and young dogs of all breeds and for smaller active breeds CHAMP Premium Breed Pup has everything your pup or young dog needs. The energy enriched composition and the size of the biscuit makes it ideal for smaller breeds of active dogs too. It is also a perfect food for pregnant and suckling bitches and for dogs recovering from illness. CHAMP Premium Breed Pup gives them the boost they need. Premium Breed Pup is an extruded biscuit, crunchy, easily digestible and exceptionally tasty. The biscuits constitute a complete meal and contain the required quantities of all essential nutriments, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The biscuits also contain the required amounts of calcium and phosphor. An ideal ratio has been created between the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids of 5:1. Research has proven this ratio to benefit good health. In particular it is said to reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease, certain kinds of cancer and weight problems. Besides being rich in poultry and rice, the biscuits contain nutrients to ensure that fats are properly digested and to keep your pup’s coat gleaming.Rough protein28%Phosphor0.9 mg/kg.Rough fat16%Sodium3 gr/kg.Rough ash6%Lecithin5 g/kg.Rough cellular2,5%Vitamine A15.000 IE/ kg.Moisture8%Vitamine D31.500 IE/ kg.Calcium1.1 mg/kg.Vitamine E300 mg/kg.Copper10 mg/kgManganese20 mg/kgIron90 mg/kgSelenium0.1 mg/kgZinc85 mg/kgIodine0.8mg/kgCarob2%Omega3 and 6 inthe most optimal proportion(5:1)Quantity Pro DayBreed PupAge/Weight2 Months3 Months4 Months5 Months6-8 Months1 kg 70 g 65 g 60 g55 g 50 g2.5 kg165 g160 g155 g150 g145 g5 kg240 g230 g220 g210 g200 g10 kg400 g380 g360 g340 g320 g15 kg540 g520 g500 g480 g460 g20 kg665 g650 g615 g590 g565 g25 kg785 g760 g735 g710 g685 g30 kg805 g780 g755 g730 g


Complete All-in-one high quality expandede feed for catsIngredient categories:Grains, meat ans animal by-products (4% Poultry), vegetable by-products, oils and fats, minerals, fish by-products (4% salmon).Feeding recommendation:Extra feeding is not necassary. Ensure that there is always sufficient water.Analytical constituents:Raw protein 30%, Raw fat 10%, Raw ash 8%, Raw cellulose 2,5%, Moisture 9%, Sodium 0,4%, Magnesium 0,19%, Calcium 1,5%, Phosphorus 1,2%Additives – Nutritional additives:Iron (E1) 85 mg/kg, Iodine (E2) 0.8 mg/kg, Copper (E4) 10 mg/kg, Manganese (E5) 20mg/kg, Zinc (E6) 80 mg/kg, Selenium (E8) 0,1 mg/kg, Vit. A (E672) 20.000 IU/kg, Vit. D3 (E671) 2.000 IU/kg, Vit. E 100 mg/kg.Expanded chunks, preserved with EU-permitted anti-oxidants (E320/E321) Does not contain colourings or flavourings.weight cat in kilo’s2345Pregnant and lactating catsgrams food per 24 u.40557590150-400To be divided over 2 meals.

Super Premium Performance HE 3020A Champ dogfood productChamp Premium Performance is a balanced premium food with poultry and rice. It is suitable for normally active to active (sporting) dogs. The high nutritional value means that a relatively small portion of Premium Performance will help keep your dog in top condition. Perfect for dogs that (by nature) do not eat enough. And for sporting and working dogs that are required to perform under mentally and physically strenuous circumstances, working, training and in competition. Thanks to the easily digestible, quality fats and proteins, Premium Performance provides the high-energy content that these dogs need. Their stamina improves, as does their performance and recovery after (great) exertion. The balanced composition has a positive effect on stress and stress susceptibility in dogs. Lecithin ensures an even better and faster digestion of fats, releasing a higher concentration of useful energy and giving your dog a beautifully glossy coat. The extruded biscuits are extremely crunchy and very tasty.Rough protein30%Phosphor1.4 mg/kg.Rough fat20%Sodium3 gr/kg.Rough ash7.5%Lecithin5 g/kg.Rough cellular2,5%Vitamine A22.000 IE/ kg.Moisture10%Vitamine D32.000 IE/ kg.Calcium1.8 mg/kg.Vitamine E350 mg/kg.Copper15mg/kgManganese25mg/kgIron140 mg/kgSelenium0.1 mg/kgZinc105 mg/kgIodine0.8 mg/kgCarob4%Omega 3, 6 and 9 in the most optimal proportion.Quantity Pro Day

Super Premium Regular Extra AC 2616A Champ dogfood productIf he is to stay fit and strong, your dog will need quality, balanced food. Champ Premium Regular Extra. The high nutritional value of these balanced, crunchy poultry biscuits are particularly suitable for normally active (sporting) dogs. It only takes a relatively small portion to keep your dog in top condition. This makes Premium Regular Extra ideal for dogs that (by nature) do not eat enough. The refined composition of the specially selected ingredients has a favourable effect on stress susceptibility in dogs. The lecithin improves the digestion of fats and gives your dog a beautiful, glossy coat. Premium Regular Extra will also help your dog to recover more quickly excessive activity. In short, it gives him everything he needs to stay strong and healthy!!Rough protein26%Phosphor1.0 mg/kg.Rough fat16%Sodium3 gr/kg.Rough ash7.5%Lecithin5 g/kg.Rough cellular2,5%Vitamine A15.000 IE/ kg.Moisture9.5%Vitamine D31.400 IE/ kg.Calcium1.5 mg/kg.Vitamine E130 mg/kg.Copper10 mg/kgManganese20 mg/kgIron85mg/kgSelenium0.1 mg/kgZinc80 mg/kgIodine0.8mg/kgCarob4%Omega3 and 6 in the most proportion (5:1)Quantity Pro Day

Champ Super Premium Starter is a complete balanced super premium food for wearing puppies especially developed for the transition between the lactation stage and starting solid foods. The texture of the kibble makes it easy to achieve a homogeneous mash that facilitates the change between the mother’s milk and CHAMP BREED PUP. Thanks to the high energy level and the digestibility of teh ingredients, CHAMP STARTER can also be used as a supplement to the mother’s diet during pregnancy and lactation.Instructions for use:Add the same volume of lukewarm waterv to the kibbles and let soak for approximately 15 minutes. Always ensure a fresh supply of drinking water is available at all times. Spread over three to six meals.Composition:Chicken meat meal, vegetable protein isolates, rice, animal fat, corn, dehydrated fish, corn protein extract, dried whole eggs, hydrolised chicken liver, beet pulp, yeast, refined fish oil.Analytical Constituents:protein 40%, fat contant 20%, ash 7.3%, crude fibre 1.6%, calcium 1.4%, phosphorus 1.1%.Nutritional additives/kg:Vitamin A 17.500 IU, Vitamin D3 1.500 IU, Vitamin E 200 mg, iron 140mg, iodine 1.2 mg, copper 15mg, manganese 30 mg, zinc 125 mg, selenium 0.2mg.Contains EC permitted antioxidant. Free from artifical colours and flavouring.weight pup in kg/age3 weeks, a 24h.4 weeks, a 24h.5 weeks, a 24h.6 weeks, a 24h.7 weeks, a24h.8 weeks, a24h.1-315 gr.15 gr.25 gr.35 gr.50 gr.80 gr.3-515 gr.20 gr.30 gr.45 gr.65 gr.100 gr.5-715 gr.25 gr.35 gr.50 gr.80 gr.125 gr.7-1020 gr.30 gr.45 gr.65 gr.100 gr.140 gr.10-1525 gr.35 gr.55 gr.80 gr.130 gr.150 gr.15-5030 gr.45 gr.65 gr.100 gr.160 gr.160 gr.20-2535 gr.55 gr.80 gr.115 gr.165 gr.170 gr.25-3045gr.65 gr.105 gr.145 gr.215 gr.225 gr.30-4055gr.80 gr.130 gr.190 gr.280 gr.295 gr.40-5065 gr.105 gr.165 gr.245 gr.320 gr.470 gr.