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شحن سريع ومجاني

 خدمات التوصيل في القاهرة والجيزه من ساعتين ل 24 ساعة و مجانا للاوردرات فوق 500ج

الدفع فيزا او ماستر كارد او كاش عند الاستلام


Continuation of Product Description:Many neutered dogs have a tendency to obesity which can affect their general well-being.Royal Canin Mini Adult Sterilised can help your dog maintain a healthy weight. It has increased protein levels and a low fat content. It also contains L-carnitine which can help to improve the fat burning process and support a healthy diet. Royal Canin Mini Adult Sterilised is made to a special recipe which helps your dog to feel full for longer, so it does not get hungry between meals.Royal Canin Mini Adult Sterilised was specially developed for neutered, small breed (1 – 10kg) dogs. It is suitable for dogs over 10 months.Royal Canin Mini Adult Sterilised at a glance:Dry dog food for neutered dogsSuitable for dogs over 10 monthsSpecial recipe withincreased protein levelsand low fat contentWith L-carnitine to boost fat burningYour dog will feel fuller for longerSpecial kibble shape for good dental careRoyal Canin Mini Sterilised is a complete dry dog food for fully grown, neutered, small breed dogs.Ingredients:Corn, poultry protein (dried), wheat, corn gluten feed, vegetable fibres, vegetable protein isolate*, animal protein (hydrolyzed), animal fat, dried beet pulp, yeasts, fish oil, soya oil, minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides, psyllium (psyllium & covers), borage oil.*LIP: Selected, easy to digest protein with high biological value.Additives:Nutritional additives:Vitamin A (16,800 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (900 IU/kg), E1 [iron] (42 mg/kg), E2 [iodine] (3.2 mg/kg), E4 [copper] (6 mg/kg), E5 [manganese] (54 mg/kg), E6 [zinc] (178 mg/kg), E8 [selenium] (0.07 mg/kg), L-carnitine (200 mg/kg).Manufacturer’s Feeding Recommendation in g/day:Royal Canin Mini Adult Sterilised is a complete dry dog food.Dog’s final weightLow activityNormal activityHigh activity2kg39g47g54g3kg54g64g74g4kg66g79g91g5kg78g93g108g6kg90g107g124g7kg101g120g139g8kg112g133g154g9kg122g145g168g10kg132g157g182gThe amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog’s specific dietary needs.Aalytical constituents:Royal Canin Mini Sterilisedproteinfatfibreashcalciumphosphorusmagnesiumarachicdonic acidbiotine (vitamin H)chloridecholineironmoisturefolic acidiodinepotassiumcopperL-carnitinelinoleic acidmanganesesodiumniacin (vitamin- B3)omega-3 fatsomega-6 fatspantothenic acidplant fibersseleniumstarchtaurinezincvitamin Avitamin B1 (thiamine)vitamin B12 (cobalamin)vitamin B2 (riboflavin)vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)vitamin C (ascorbic acid)vitamin D3vitamin E (tocopherol)calories that can be burneddietary fibreDHA fatty acidluteinarginineL-lysineDL-methioninemethionine/cystinenitrogen-free extracts30.0 %13.0 %6.5 %5.2 %0.74 %0.69 %0.08 %0.06 %2.69 mg0.53 %2.0 mg181.0 mg9.5 %9.0 mg3.8 mg0.6 %15.0 mg200.0 mg2.58 %69.0 mg0.4 %14.1 mg0.59 %2.79 %32.9 mg15.3 %0.27 mg27.0 %0.1 %218.0 mg26.0 IU3.9 mg0.07 mg3.6 mg26.1 mg200.0 mg1.0 IE/kg600.0 mg3.464 kcal15.3 %0.31 %5.0 mg1.55 %1.06 %0.54 %1.01 %35.8 %


Royal Canin

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