Kipenzi Tick Killer Bath 600 ml

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 ندفع الشحن عنك للاوردرات فوق 500ج في القاهرة والجيزةالتوصيل
مجاني في خلال اسبوعين داخل القاهره والجيزة لأي عيوب تصنيع او توايخ الصلاحيةالاسترجاع

طرق الدفع
الرحاب والتجمع نفس اليوم للطلبات قبل 3 مساءا
القاهرة والجيزه نفس اليوم للطلبات قبل 12 مساءا
الاسكندرية خلال 48 ساعه
باقي المحافظات في خلال 3-5 ايام عمل
لا يوجد توصيل يوم الجمعة
مدة الشحن


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Kipenzi Tick Killer




  • We follow premium quality standards in components, formulation, and manufacturing.
  • Essential oils are the focus of international human and veterinary medicine in the last 20 years because it’s a winner against chemicals and drug resistance.
  • The first all-natural and effective tick killer
  • Has a strong repellent effect due to essential oils added to increase the value of the product?
  • It’s safe to lick, ingest, inhale, or spill anywhere in your house.
  • You can use it on yourself or your pet as a repellent with a relatively lasting effect.
  • It has a very subtle and nice smell because of the essential oils used.
  • The water-based formula ensures no stickiness or oily feeling after use.
  • It doesn’t require bathing.
  • It doesn’t require rinsing (leave-in treatment)
  • It’s natural, and treats skin and fur smoothly.
  • It’s environmentally friendly




  • All you need to do is shake well, spritz, and work it into your pet’s fur coat, or just spray on your legs if you’re going to be outdoors in a tick-infested area.
  • No shower? No Problem! Just spray the area you need cleaned (or all over your pet) and leave in.
  • You can use on your doorstep or windows ill if you are willing to repel ticks from an outside garden, for example.





  • Tick bath for immediate elimination of heavy tick Infestations.
  • Quick sprays before going to parks/boarding kennels for protection.
  • Repelling Ticks from places (kennels) and pets/humans.
  • Safest alternative to chemical anti-tick drugs for dogs suffering from health problems.

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