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 ندفع الشحن عنك للاوردرات فوق 500ج في القاهرة والجيزةالتوصيل
مجاني في خلال اسبوعين داخل القاهره والجيزة لأي عيوب تصنيع او توايخ الصلاحيةالاسترجاع
   طرق الدفع

التوصيل نفس اليوم للطلبات قبل 12  ظهرا داخل القاهرة والجيزة
التوصيل من 12 ظهرا حتى 10 مساءا حسب خطوط السير
باقي المحافظات في خلال 2-3 ايام عمل
لا يوجد توصيل يوم الجمعة

مدة الشحن


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ForVet VetoPlex 100 ml

Vitamins.. Minerals.. Amino acids Bundle of Nutrients

Composition: Each 100ml contains

Vitamin A __1 miu

Vitamin D3 __ 100.000 iu

Vitamin E __ 500 mg

Vitamin K3__ 100 mg

Vitamin B1 __ 80 g

Vitamin B2 __ 20 mg

Vitamin B3 __ 1000 mg

Vitamin B5 __ 500 mg

Vitamin B12 __1000 mcg

Folic Acid __ 10 gm

L.Lysine __ 100 gm

DL.Methionine __ 200 gm

Calcium __ 10.000 mg

Phosphorus __500 mg

Zinc __ 200 mg

Potassium __ 10 mg

Selenium __ 5 mg

Cobalt __ 5 mg

Magnesium __150 gm

Manganese __ 10 mg

Iron __ 30 mg

Propylene glycol __5g

Polysorbate 80 __ 5g

Distilled water up to __ 100 ML

Properties and indications:

Vetoplex is essential for your pet vitality, health and activity, through accomplishing many functions:

Vision and skin regeneration (Vit. A)

Prevention and treatment of rickets, joint issues & osteomalacia. (Ca

P & Vit. D3)

  • Potent antioxidant protecting your pet from harmful free radides (V EA&Selenium)

-Improving your dog or cat’s immune system, antibody production and reducing the severity and duration of infectious diseases (Vit

EL lysine & DL methionine)

-Prevention of digestive, nasal, skin and cerebral hemorrhages with potent anti-anemic effect (K3, B12, iron & cobalt) -Generating energy for your pet’s cells, regulating metabolism,

ensuring full function of amino acids through optimizations of protein metabolic pathway, maintaining nervous system competence

(Vit.B1, B2, B3, B6 & B8)

-Responsible for skin health and gives your pet a glossy coat (Mt. A -Essential for pregnant dog and cat (folic acid)

83& B8)

-Effective appetizer (Vitamins & minerals)


-Feeding Instructions EASY TO USESuitable for puppies after weaning -Small Dogs (up to 5kg): 2.5ml-5ml daily

Medium Dogs: (5kg to 15kg): 5ml-7.5ml daily Large Dogs (15kg to 30kg) 75ml-10ml daily Very Large Dogs (30kgs+)10ml-15ml daily

Kitten: 1ml daily
Cat: 2ml daily

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