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Adult MEveryday ExcellenceFor adult dogs weighing 10 – 30 kgFokker Adult M is a high-premium dog food for adult, medium-sized dog breeds weighing from 10-30 kg. In order to stay in optimal condition, small dogs require highly digestible food that is rich in energy. Fokker Adult M is suitable for dogs with average energy. Norwegian salmon oil supports healthy skin and a glossy coat. Contains inulin for perfect intestinal health and compact stools. Fokker Adult M is a delicious product that your dog will absolutely love.Fokker Adult M is available in 2.5 kg and 13 kgpackagesIngredientsMaize, poultry meal (min 14%), rice (14%), crackling meal, barley, hydrolyzed animal protein, poultry fat, carob, linseed, fish meal beet pulp, yeast, minerals, salmon oil (source of DHA/EPA), egg powder, lecithin, inulin, taurine.Feeding instructionThe product is ready for use and should be served dry. Make sure that your dog always has a fresh supply of clean drinking water. The servings indicated are guidelines and partly depend on activity, breed and environment. Divide the servings over several meals a day. If Fokker is new to your dog then introduce gradually. Store in a cool and dry place.



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