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Super Premium Regular Extra AC 2616A Champ dogfood productIf he is to stay fit and strong, your dog will need quality, balanced food. Champ Premium Regular Extra. The high nutritional value of these balanced, crunchy poultry biscuits are particularly suitable for normally active (sporting) dogs. It only takes a relatively small portion to keep your dog in top condition. This makes Premium Regular Extra ideal for dogs that (by nature) do not eat enough. The refined composition of the specially selected ingredients has a favourable effect on stress susceptibility in dogs. The lecithin improves the digestion of fats and gives your dog a beautiful, glossy coat. Premium Regular Extra will also help your dog to recover more quickly excessive activity. In short, it gives him everything he needs to stay strong and healthy!!Rough protein26%Phosphor1.0 mg/kg.Rough fat16%Sodium3 gr/kg.Rough ash7.5%Lecithin5 g/kg.Rough cellular2,5%Vitamine A15.000 IE/ kg.Moisture9.5%Vitamine D31.400 IE/ kg.Calcium1.5 mg/kg.Vitamine E130 mg/kg.Copper10 mg/kgManganese20 mg/kgIron85mg/kgSelenium0.1 mg/kgZinc80 mg/kgIodine0.8mg/kgCarob4%Omega3 and 6 in the most proportion (5:1)Quantity Pro Day



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